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Ricatech RMC350 5 in 1 Musiikkikeskus

The original Ricatech RMC350 5 in 1 music center with horn is a real eye catcher. Based on this nostalgic hornspeaker design, this ultimate entertainment center, completely made of wood is a real treat for the eyes and ears. While providing the real nostalgia on the exterior, the interior is full of all the modern technologies we've all come to love.

This music center comes complete with a CD player that reads mp3 files, AM/FM radio, 3 speed turntable which is suitable for your 33, 45, and even 78 rmp records, USB port and SD card slot! You can play all your digital mp3 files true the USB port and SD card.

Because of the nostalgic horn speaker, this music center is a must have in your bar, restaurant, office or home. The music center comes with a full range of stereo speakers based in the wooden cabinet and provides extra superior sound supporting by the horn. Retro is now ready for the modern lifestyle! Nothing matches the fun and easy-touse of this professional-quality music center.

Katso video.


Product Information

- 3 Speed turntable

- CD Player

- FM/AM Radio

- USB/SD card reader

- Horn speaker

- 2 x 2 Watt Speakers

- Power Consumption 18W

- Power supply : AC/DC adapter12V, AC 230V / 50Hz

- Weight: 6.2Kg

- Dimension: (L) 376 (W) 433 (H) 457 mm


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