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Ricatech RR340 pöytäjukebox

RR340 Table Top Jukebox With this very cool Jukebox you have it all! So listen directly to your favorite music using the USB port, SD card slot and connection for MP3 player or iPod. With the automatic colour LED lighting (5 different colours), listening to music and looking at the jukebox will give you a true experience! This is a must have for every child’s room or for your desk.

Product Information
- Retro design Jukebox
- USB & SD card reader
- 3.5 mm Line-in
- Build-in speaker
- 3 Watt Speaker
- Wooden cabinet
- Automatic colored lighting
- Parts with chrome appearance
- Power consumption: 10 W
- Power supply : 230 V - 50 Hz
- Weight: 1.67Kg
- Dimension: (L) 175 (W) 152 (H) 210 mm
Hinta:119.00 €